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About Us

SpaceContract provides smart contract payment solutions tailored for the new space economy.

Built by aerospace experts and blockchain pioneers, SpaceContract delivers the specialized tools spaces businesses need across manufacturing, logistics, satellite deployment, and ground networks. Our cryptographically secure distributed ledger capabilities optimize antiquated workflows still common across the industry.

Any space milestone met is a payment made—our smart contracts trigger trusted, timely transactions the moment mission events occur.
Our software-as-a-service platform features an intuitive user interface accessible to everyday aerospace professionals.

We cut fees by over 99% compared to legacy finance, unlocking new operating models. Our speed and reliability fosters collaboration between the fast-paced innovation of space startups and the mission-critical needs of established aerospace giants.

SpaceContract believes distributed ledger technology will propel space commerce into the future. By building real utility today and contributing open standards to the ecosystem, we pave the way for generations of advancement. Our sights are set on nothing less than catalyzing a new epoch for space through trusted, efficient blockchain applications.