IT Support Tech 1 (Req4582)

Job Description

The IT Support Tech 1 is the front line IT support resource within Institutional Support Services. Consistent with UNM’s tiered support model, the position fields ISS-specific service requests presented at a support desk and through UNM IT support systems.

The Support Technician is an area-specific initial point of contact and is expected to resolve or escalate a range of requests for a number of departments including but not limited to; Planning, Design and Construction and Physical Plant. This position will also play an integral role in computer deployment and maintenance projects.

The successful applicant will have experience working with a range of client technologies as well as a thorough understanding of IT service management principals and exceptional communication skills.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

* Provide area-specific intake/triage support for a range of devices used throughout ISS Facilities units including but not limited to: mobile devices e.g. tablets (iPads), Windows/Macintosh laptops and desktops. While the position will most often work at a designated walk-in support area, other duties may include working with customers on the phone, through a remote console session or at the customer’s location as necessary.

* Provide training on how to use specialized mobile devices e.g. iPad tablets to use a range of facilities management software solutions used throughout ISS departments such as the Physical Plant and Planning, Design and Construction.

* Configure laptops and desktop computers for distribution throughout ISS and assist with deployment and customer orientation.

* Coordinate annual technology capacity assessment for Physical Plant and associated ISS facilities departments as appropriate.



* Experience providing front line service request intake and basic triage for a range of hardware devices that often run specialized software

* Experience working with different use cases that are part of a complex workflow within a specialized system.

* Experience working in information technology at educational institutions.

* Skill in working within tiered support structures and service oriented, standards based IT organizations.

For additional information contact Shirley Alexander, (505) 277-6199 or